Issues With Your Gear VR? Unblock Facebook

The modern technology everyone uses everyday is all seamlessly linked together so that users around the world can contact each other instantly. But not everyone wants to be so integrated and people do block apps on smartphones and tablets from communicating with each other or to stop data being sent into the outside world. Now it seems that if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Gear VR that blocking Facebook may cause issues.

On a NeoGAF forum a user Krejlooc brought up a thread posted by a new user who was having issues with their S6 smartphone and Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD). The thread was answered by an Oculus employee who asked among other questions: “Are you blocking Facebook?.” After receiving a response saying “No”, the Oculus employee responded with: “No, you should not block Facebook.”


User Krejlooc does say that: “The Gear VR troubleshooting guide you get mentions unblocking certain applications if you are having trouble.” There is now the possibility that having a block on Facebook could impair use of the Gear VR HMD, with several users responding that it could be that Oculus VR being owned by Facebook as a possible reason. VRFocus will continue to monitor any further updates to this issue and report back when more information arises.