IM360 Announces Virtual Reality Toolkit For 360 Degree Filmmaking

Not that long ago VRFocus brought you news of IM360’s team up with MTV to provide the first-ever live 360-degree red carpet experience for the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

At the same time IM360 have launched another announcement, this time in relation to a brand new toolkit for virtual reality (VR) filmmaking.  The Virtual Reality Toolkit (VRT), this new software helps creators take greater control of the filming process which is hindered when recording 360 degree video since the director, producer, etc is not able to be on set since the set is entirely visible at all times. What the toolkit does is allow streaming of footage simultaneously to a production set-up allowing the footage to be viewed both on screen and within any head-mounted displays (HMDs). Recording both the raw lossless video and providing an up to 4K HD video stream.

IM360 say their toolkit also gives a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to editing, allowing manipulation of scenes for editing saving both time and money on the processes involved.

Commenting on this, IM360’s said Ryan Whitehead was keen to emphasise these benefits, describing how it “mirrors the traditional pipeline to simplify the VR production process, open lines of communication and help to ensure sets run smooth and the team can realize their creative vision.”

IM360 will be using the VRT this Sunday as part of their partnership with MTV.

“MTV has believed from the start that 360 virtual reality is not the coolest new camera angle or parlor trick, but rather the start of a new genre.” Noted the station’s Senior Vice President of  Production Planning, Strategies & Operations Jeff Jacobs. “The IM360 Virtual Reality Toolkit will enable us to better utilize this emerging technology in a live setting with our editorial producers in a way that sets the table for our viewers to discover and tell their own stories.”

You can find out more about the toolkit via IM360’s website.  VRFocus will continue to follow IM360 and other VR filmmaking ventures and bring you news on them as we get it.