HTC ‘Looking at Different Form Factors’ For its Vive HMD

As Valve and HTC continue to promote the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) prior to its launch this winter by going to all the biggest gaming events, with the World Tour, the two companies may in time develop other cheaper versions of the HMD.

In an interview posted on YouTube by Spanish VR news site realovirtual at Gamescom recently, Executive Director of Global Marketing for Connected Products, at HTC, Jeff Gattis was asked why HTC being a mobile phone manufacturer decided to develop a desktop HMD rather than a mobile one, to which Gattis responded: “We think the right way to bring VR to market is to do it at the most premium experience, just some of the power that you get from the PC based platform.” He goes on to state: “Obviously over time I think you’ll see various other types of form factors whether those be mobile phone based, even all the way down to a cardboard based solution, I think they’ll all going to be good but I think they’ll be different use cases.”


“We’re certainly looking at different form factors over time, but right now the focus is on, lets get Vive to market we think it’s going to be a great product and then we’ll look and see what else makes sense from there.”

So while publicly the main focal point is the HTC Vive HMD, it seems that the company is possibly preparing other HMD versions, possibly under the same moniker. With HTC recently reporting a substancial drop in revenues from its smartphone business, developing a device like the Gear VR, which has been popping up retail stores, museums, universities and many more places, would prove to be a useful marketing tool for its handsets.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest announcements from HTC before the Vive’s launch.