Graphine Releases New License for Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

Graphine have announced over the weekend that the company has released a newseat license for its Unreal Engine 4 plugin based on the Granite software development kit (SDK).

The Granite SDK is texture streaming middleware that handles fine-grained texture streaming for real-time 3D software applications allowing game developers and virtual reality (VR) experience creators to use very detailed textures with almost photorealistic results.

Until now, the Granite SDK for Unreal was only available as a per project license. According to Graphine, a project license is ideal for big video game productions where you have a clearly defined project. Now, with the seat license, the company aims to provide a solution for teams or projects that need a different approach. The seat licenses are available as a perpetual license with one single payment or as a subscription with yearly payments. Companies can now license Granite for Unreal per user starting from $590 USD.

Granite is already utilised by companies such as Allegorithmic, The Farm 51 for its sci-fi thriller Get Even, IM360 Entertainment and The Mill as their texture streaming solution for using with Unreal Engine.

Technology like this means studios can create far more detailed VR worlds that offer even more immersive experiences for gamers to enjoy, and VRFocus will be there to report on all the latest news and announcements pertaining to VR and report back.