GDC Europe Liveblog – Tobii Eye Tracking in Games & Avalanche Studios infinite screen implementation

It is day two of GDC Europe. VRFocus remains in attendance and we will be covering three sessions with liveblogs today.

The second session that we are covering on day two is Tobii Eye Tracking in Games & Avalanche Studios infinite screen implementation.

Join Oscar Werner from Tobii and Dan Thronström, Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios to discuss “Infinite Screen” integration and the power of eye tracking in videogames. With the launch of the Tobii powered SteelSeries Sentry, the world’s first gaming-focused eye tracker, and a partnership announcement with MSI, developers have access to brand new ways to create immersive and engaging experiences for gamers. Create an Infinite Screen by using the player’s gaze to rotate the viewport, build AI that reacts more naturally to the player, or create new gameplay mechanics that utilize the player’s eyes like never before. Dan will discuss the specific implementation of eye tracking in The Hunter: Primal, and we will elaborate on designing and implementing features that make smart use of Tobii’s EyeX Engine to immerse players in a whole new way.

Be sure to stay with us at VRFocus through what is sure to be another very interesting week in virtual reality.