GDC Europe Liveblog – Interaction Design in VR: The Rules Have Changed (Again)

Welcome to day two of GDC Europe. VRFocus remains in attendance and we will be covering three sessions with liveblogs today.

The first session that we are covering on day two is Interaction Design in VR: The Rules Have Changed (Again).

The first generation of full presence VR systems available to consumers will provide two handed 6 degree of freedom input systems designed specifically for VR, thanks to the HTC Vive. These devices demand non-traditional approaches to human-computer interaction by extension, gameplay experiences. This talk will cover interaction design topics explored by the VR team at Valve, as well as some explored by 3rd party developers using the HTC Vive Developer Edition. In particular, it will focus on the idiosyncrasies of motion control and areas where traditional rules of interaction significantly change or no longer apply.

Yasser Malaika, Designer and Developer at Valve, will offer the audience a chance to learn aspects of VR interaction that the Valve VR team has explored and gain a deeper understanding of how they might apply them to their own VR projects.

Be sure to stay with us at VRFocus through what is sure to be another very interesting week in virtual reality.