GDC Europe Liveblog – Designing to Minimize Simulation Sickness in VR Games

This week is arguably the biggest in the European videogame calendar, with two days of GDC Europe followed immediately by the start of Gamescom. VRFocus will be in attendance at both and will be covering a number of sessions with liveblogs.

The third session we are covering on day one of GDC Europe is Designing to Minimize Simulation Sickness in VR Games.

Simulation sickness, when a player feels sick after playing a videogame, has recently received more attention due to the promotion of VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). VR is notorious for producing simulation sickness, but some players can experience simulation sickness in a wide range of videogames, with or without VR. This talk will cover basic design guidelines, based on research that can be followed by developers to reduce the risk of simulation sickness, both in VR and as a general aid to making their game more accessible to a wide range of players.

Hosted by Ben Lewis-Evans, Games User Researcher at Player Research, attendees will be provided with clear, actionable, guidelines for how they can design their game to minimise the risk of simulation sickness. The focus will be on VR, but these tips also apply to non-VR games.

Be sure to stay with us at VRFocus through what is sure to be another very interesting week in virtual reality.