GDC Europe Liveblog – About VR: Designing for Believability

This week is arguably the biggest in the European videogame calendar, with two days of GDC Europe followed immediately by the start of Gamescom. VRFocus will be in attendance at both and will be covering a number of sessions with liveblogs.

Our first GDC Europe session to cover is About VR: Designing for Believability.

The most important goal for VR is to have the player forget they are in a simulated world and act on their instincts. Whether we call this presence, immersion, or believability – why is it important, and what steps can we take to ensure a strong sense of immersion is maintained at all times? How can maintaining immersion make the role of a developer easier, and what new challenges must be overcome?

In this talk John Foster, Senior Designer at SCEE, hopes to answer these questions and others, using the lessons learned through developing The Deep, VR Luge and The London Heist for the PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus at Sony’s London Studio.

Be sure to stay with us at VRFocus through what is sure to be another very interesting week in virtual reality.