Final Fantasy XV VR Support Tested by Square Enix

Virtual reality (VR) is improving by the day but, even now, most would admit that head-mounted displays (HMDs) are best worn for short periods. That’s not a problem for many videogame genres but certain titles that are notorious for their length might have issues. Japanese role playing games (JRPGs), for example, often rack up into hundreds of hours’ worth of content. Despite this challenge, publishing giant Square Enix has revealed that it actually has tested out VR support for one of its most popular JRPG series, Final Fantasy. Namely, it has tested Final Fantasy XV VR support.


Speaking with IGN, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata revealed that it had tried to implement VR with the anticipated title. “We had tested out utilizing VR,” Tabata said. “At the time we were looking into it, we felt that it could potentially work as a passive experience for a portion of the game utilizing VR. We felt that it would potentially make sense for a segment, but in terms of the overall game in itself, the entire game, we didn’t feel that having that headset on for the entirety of the game and that experience would match what we were aiming for with XV.”

Understandably, Tabata also cited the title’s length as an issue: “It’s a very long game. You’d wear that headset for hours.” It wasn’t mentioned which HMD the company had experimented with but, given that a PC version is yet to be announced, it’s a good bet that this was with the Project Morpheus HMD for the PlayStation 4.

It’s a shame to hear that an upcoming title like Final Fantasy XV has already passed on VR support, but Square Enix itself is known to be working with the tech in other capacities. Hitman: GO, the popular mobile iteration of the assassination-simulator, is making its way to the Gear VR mobile HMD in the future, for example. Could the developer also be looking to bring one of its larger titles to VR HMDs in the future? VRFocus will continue to follow Square Enix’s work in VR closely, reporting back with any further updates from the group.