Experience Mission Impossible in VR at Immersed Europe

If you’re heading to the Immersed Europe exhibition in Spain next month for all the latest news on virtual reality (VR), then you may want to check out the Mission Impossible V VR demonstration experience which is featuring at the event.

The VR experience combines a physical fuselage with a support harness and an Oculus Rift head-mounted display on give visitors the rush of holding onto a plane as it taxies down a runway before speeding up for takeoff. The experience is simulating the stunt Tom Cruise performed for the Mission Impossible V: Rogue Nation movie that has been recently released, and was created in conjunction with Madrid based InMediaStudio, reports the Virtual Reality Reporter.

The Mission Impossible V: Rogue Nation experience will be available in the public exhibition area, which is free. Those wishing to attend the public exhibition are still advised to register at Eventbright to ensure your spot is available, as the event is expected to be busy. All the early bird tickets are now sold out. The conference is to be held in Murcia, Spain from Thursday 3rd – Friday 4th September 2015, with the public exhibition open on the evening of the fourth.

VRFocus will be reporting on all the news and updates revealed at the conference.