UPDATE: Virtual Reality Girls Creates Women In VR Scholarship with Oculus VR

While the over riding consensus, when the general public think about who works within the technology and videogame industries, is that of a male dominated culture, the truth is far from it. Many women do work within these industries at all levels but companies are still trying to bring more into the field. That’s why Virtual Reality Girls has teamed up with Oculus VR for a women in virtual reality (VR) scholarship for the Oculus Connect 2 2015 event which takes place in September.

Revealed in a tweet this past week by Julie Young, the scholarship would be to entice and help women who either have an interest in VR or who may not have previously considered the industry, to develop a career in VR. Those who are interested can direct message Young through her twitter account.


The Oculus Connect 2 event will be garnering a get deal of interest this year due to the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) getting ever closer to its Q1 2016 launch. The Samsung Gear VR consumer version of the HMD is also expected to be announced at the event.

Oculus VR CTO John Carmack will be hosting another keynote speech as well as Brendan Iribe and Michael Abrash. Carmack’s keynote last year is well remembered, he got told to stop as he’d over ran his allotted timeslot talking about the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

This year’s event takes place from 23rd – 25th September, at Loews Hotel in Hollywood, California and VRFocus will be reporting all the latest announcements from the event.

UPDATE: Since VRFocus published this article we have been informed that it was Virtual Reality Girls not Emblematic Group that created the scholarship. Apologies for the mistake.