Doctors Could Use VR to Explore the Body

If you’ve tried a virtual reality (VR) experience, whether its a videogame or a 360 degree video, the thought of seeing your insides in VR might not be that inviting. But for the medical profession it could mean doctors having a much better understanding of what’s going on inside you.

EchoPixel is a company that utilises 3D technology and VR to help doctors explore and manipulate inside patients before hand. Currently medical imaging technology like CT scans and MRIs only show 2D segments, which medical professionals then have to sift though to build an mental image. But the CT scans and MRIs produce enough information to make a fully rendered 3D image that can be viewed in VR for doctors to explore, reports psfk.com.


VRFocus has covered a number of stories relating to VR in medicine, including an American team who has been utilising MRIs and VR to look at cardiac arrhythmia – an irregular or fast heartbeat.

And EchoPixel are looking to use this technology for the entire body, so that students can also use VR to help them learn before dealing with an actual body. While its still in its infancy VR content is already being created when someone has a scan.

VRFocus will continue to report on all the latest advancements in medical care using VR technology.