Digitalmania Releases Trailer for Beat The Beats

Tunisian based developer Digitalmania, which usually creates videogames for smartphones on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, has now revealed a new trailer for a virtual reality (VR) that will support the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) called Beat The Beats.

Very little has been revealed by Digitalmania on the VR title so far. Beat The Beats is a VR videogame based on music, where players explore a universe with the ability to see music. The video shows a space craft with speakers in the bottom right and left of the screen playing away, while flying through a tunnel before being ejected into space.

How music influences the videogame isn’t entirely clear, whether missions are based on the beats outputted, certain music has to be found or maybe its more of a rhythm collection style.

Whatever the case when further details are released by Digitalmania on Beat The Beats, about its gameplay and release date, VRFocus will be reporting back.