CyberCook Dev Announces Mobile VR Social Network, vTime [UPDATED]

Earlier this year saw Liverpool-based technology studio Starship announce a brand new virtual reality (VR) cooking simulator named CyberCook. The title, which teaches users recipes, is bound for the Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD) and already has a demo available, though a release date is yet to be set. Work on the project continues, then, but Starship is ready to announce what else it has in the works. Today the company has revealed a brand new social network for mobile VR named vTime.

Gear VR for Samsung Galaxy S6

Through vTime, VR users will be able to meet up with friends around the world and share images, videos and 360 degree media within VR environments using a hands-free interface. Players will be able to customise their own appearance, create friends lists and host VR meet-ups. New users will be able to search for topics through vTime Search and a 2D version for phones and tablets will allow others to view conversations.

The platform is intended to be free and will be launching in open alpha form for Android users in November 2015, supporting Gear VR and other mobile HMDs such as Google Cardboard. A first look at the title will be arriving next month at the Oculus Connect 2 developer conference in Hollywood, California.

vTime takes complex technology and makes it simple, beautiful and accessible,” explains Starship CEO Martin Kenwright. “Connecting with friends, old or new, in a wealth of incredible environments couldn’t be easier – simply download the vTime app, put on the headset, and you’re away.

“VR will be huge, but surely biggest of all on mobile where there’s a massive, pre-installed user base. Unlike console and PC headsets, the barrier to entry for mobile VR is low. People are already carrying the devices that will propel VR forward in their pockets. It’s not just for the early adopters, VR is for everybody, and vTime brings social VR to virtually everyone, from virtually anywhere on virtually any device.”

VRFocus will continue to follow vTime closely, reporting back with any further updates on the project.

UPDATE: An error in this article on VRFocus‘ part originally suggested that Starship is making its own VR HMD. This isn’t the case. VRFocus apologises for the error.