Creative Assembly Design Director Joins Sony to work with Project Morpheus

Gary Napper who was Design Director at Creative Assembly, the studio behind the recent sci-fi horror title Alien: Isolation, announced over Twitter this weekend that he has left the studio to work at Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) on the company’s virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) Project Morpheus for the PlayStation 4.

Project Morpheus

At Creative Assembly, Napper and his team dabbled with VR, creating a demo of Alien: Isolation for the Oculus Rift which they took to various events. With his move to SCE he will probably be looking to expand his VR knowledge and possibly develop a project entirely different to the singular Alien: Isolation style. In an article he wrote for VRFocus back in June, Napper wrote: “If I were to start a team from scratch today, I would create a Virtual Reality Project that concentrated on a group experience.”

Napper didn’t reveal which SCE studio he may be heading to, but SCE has been hiring for a new first-party developer named North West Studio. VRFocus reported in May the studio was seeking new staff, and again revealed this weekend another post is available for an Environment Artist.

Wherever Napper is heading to VRFocus will be following any announcements regarding his new position and projects and report back.