Cloudhead Games Responds to Reddit Questions

VRFocus did a recent article on indie developer Cloudhead Games’ virtual reality (VR) title The Gallery: Six Elements going episodic. The article has popped up on Reddit and the studio has been responding to some of Reddits user questions.

The questions related to how the episodes would work and why the studio decided to take this route, with user FoozMuz saying: “Sort of a bummer for me. I thought this would be the big “Full Scale Game” experience for the VR Launch. Sad to think that it’s going to be a landscape of mini-games.” To which Cloudhead responded: “Its a full-scale game built for VR, with those sensibilities in mind. In VR its definitely an issue of quality, not quantity and we’re attacking it from both ends by making things episodic. Building a rock solid experience on an extremely tight Vive launch timeline also plays into that decision of course. The hardware is extremely young and it hasn’t been trivial to build a full fledged game around completely new systems. The upside is that we can port incrementally to the key platforms as they roll out. Bottom line though is by the time all episodes are on market, it will be a unique and epic journey.”


User VRMilk asked: “Roughly how long do you expect each episode to be?” To which the studio said: “We want each episode to feel like you just participated in an amazing 80s fantasy adventure. Where you are the core, the hero to the experience. Depending on play style (which is super subjective and unique to VR), between 2 and 3 hours. Those are super vague numbers and quite honestly, given the way you play our game its really hard to predict what the average playtime will be. People won’t speedrun through VR, or at least, if we’ve done our job correctly they wont want to!”

And for those gamers that originally backed the developers Kickstarter campaign or have pre-ordered, Cloudhead Games have confirmed that they’ll receive all the episodes: “KS backers & preorders get all episodes of course on all platforms.”

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates to The Gallery: Six Elements as Cloudhead Games announces them.