Climax Studios Welcomes More HMDs To The Fold

As we enter further in to the second half of 2015 and in turn closer to the release dates of the major virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD) their availability to developers becomes ever more easy.  In addition to that more VR devices are being announced and released. Both these factors combine so that whilst it is easier for studios and content creators to get their hands on VR kit the options and possible platforms to support increase ever more also. Depending upon your point of view that could be construed as a bad thing, but if you’re a big fan of VR there’s plenty for you to try out.

One group doing just that is Climax Studios, developers of Gear VR videogame Bandit Six: Salvo (which VRFocus recently previewed) who joined the recent trend of creators revealing their new kits by posting a picture to Twitter of all their current sets. Announcing at the same time the addition of both the Razer-backed Open-Source Virtual Reality (OVRS) HMD and the Valve-backed HTC Vive.

Interestingly the tweet specifically said the studio was ‘working on’ the two new platforms, which would suggest they were doing slightly more than merely trying them out. Come back later today to VRFocus as we’ll be revealing some more information regarding the Portsmouth-based studio’s upcoming projects as well as bringing you a new interview with them tomorrow.