Climax Studios Has 3 Potential VR Projects, All for Different Formats

UK-based developer Climax Studios hasn’t wasted any time getting involved with the virtual reality (VR) industry. Earlier in the year the team released its first VR title, Bandit Six, onto the Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD). Just months later and its already preparing a sequel, Bandit Six: Salvo, once again for release on Gear VR. Don’t expect that to be the last you hear from the Climax Studios’ VR efforts, however, as it has 3 other titles in the works for a potential release.


Studio CEO Simon Gardner recently confirmed as much to VRFocus. When asked how many projects the developer was working on that could potentially turn into full products Gardner noted 3, though it wasn’t clear if Bandit Six: Salvo was counted among these. He also confirmed that each one of these projects was in development for different formats. Gear VR could well be one of these, but the others are yet to be confirmed. That said, the studio did confirm that it had development kits for both the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus HMDs and, earlier this week confirmed that is now working with the HTC Vive and Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) platform.

Both Bandit Six and Bandit Six: Salvo are stationary first-person shooter (FPS) titles in which players aim a turret using the Gear VR’s head-tracking technology. While Bandit Six sat players in a World War 2-era bomber, its sequel instead allows them control one of a number of types of grounded turrets. It’s not yet clear when Bandit Six: Salvo will release on Gear VR, or for what price it will be available for. Gardner also confirmed that the company is looking at expanding the IP in the future; could this be one of these new projects?

VRFocus will be delivering a full interview with Gardner later on in the week.

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