Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer Packaging Doubles as Google Cardboard

Ever since Google launched its Cardboard virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) there have been numerous different versions created that alter and change the design, whether users wish to make their own or purchase one online. Now Chinese smartphone manufacturer Blackview has come up with a novel way for combing the devices packaging with a Google Cardboard.

Shown in the video below, Blackviews Alife P1 Pro packaging looks fairly standard until some of the contents are removed to reveal a pair of lenses. Once the internal packaging has been removed from the outer box the video demonstrates how quickly and simply the cardboard HMD can be assembled.

Originally reported by gizchina.com, it shows some clever marketing by Blackview, by bringing VR into its packaging, and an idea that may surely catch on with other companies. With the recent launch of the OnePlus 2 the company did giveaway free versions of the cardboard HMD, but stocks were limited, running out very quickly. Combining the HMD into the packaging means all Blackviews customers can try VR, possibly for the first time, spreading VR’s reach even further.

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