Check Out This Bandit Six: Salvo Promotional Artwork

It was a busy week for news from Climax Studios. Earlier this week we brought you an interview with the Portsmouth-based UK business who are now devloting a third of their resources towards virtual reality (VR) projects. They are also, of course currently very busy with a number of projects including Assassin’s Creed Chronicles sub-series of games for Ubisoft which still has two titles in development and of course Bandit Six: Salvo, their sequel to the Gear VR hit.

Now, in much the same way as an earlier release, the company’s LinkedIn account has brought us two new piece of artwork another job posting has revealed another piece of promotional art for Bandit Six: Salvo. The two pieces of art, which you can see below, were released for the most recent round of hires.

Bandit Six: Salvo Bandit Six: Salvo

If you were interested in joining the studio, the roles that you can currently apply for are Technical Animator, Senior Animator, Level Designer, Lead Designer, Lead Level Designer, Render Programmer, Graduate Programmer, Graphics Programmer, A.I Programmer and Lead Programmer.