CCP Games Speaker for VRTGO Confirmed

Back in June VRFocus reported on the first sessions being revealed for the VRTGO conference in November, with Eve: Valkyrie developer CCP Games to be there. What wasn’t confirmed was who would be speaking for the studio at the event until now.


Holding a session at VRTGO will be Artist and Narrative Designer at CCP Games, Andrew Robinson. Robinson originally joined CCP Games as Graphics Quality Analyst for EVE Online. Then as one of the co-creators of EVE-VR, which later became EVE: Valkyrie, he moved to the UK in 2013 to work on the game at CCP’s Newcastle studio. In a statement he talks about the satisfaction of working in virtual reality (VR): Working in VR on EVE:VR and Valkyrie has absolutely changed the way I think about making games. It’s become the best new medium for telling a story by breaking down the old barriers of immersion. The challenge of not simply creating a game but building the user a tactile world to experience is incredibly satisfying, more than anything I’ve ever worked on in the past. At CCP we are constantly striving to make something personal and engaging that’s never been done before. This fresh approach means we are always pushing boundaries and as a developer you can’t really ask for anything more.“

So far the agenda and session themes have not yet been disclosed but VRFocus will be following all the latest updates and announcements from VRTGO and reporting back.