CCP Games Confirm EVE Valkyrie Single Player Campaign

It is proving to already to be an exciting Gamescom for virtual reality (VR) fans and specifically those who are fans of space-based combat.  Following the announcement earlier this week of arcade-style mobile-based VR shooter EVE Gunjack and this morning’s reveal by Frontier Developments of a new planet-based expansion for Elite: Dangerous called Elite: Dangerous Horizons we have some new information relating to EVE Valkyrie.

EVE Valkyrie Screenshot

The standalone videogame, which is due to be published by Oculus VR in partnership with creators CCP Games is, VRFocus can confirm, to receive a specific single-player story campaign based off of the content shown within the trailer from this year’s EVE Fanfest. A demo being shown at Gamescom is based off the map that was a part of that trailer with, CCP Games confirming to us today that it will be in the final game and possess a story arc all of its own.

One of the standard-bearers for VR videogames, EVE Valkyrie began life in 2013 as an EVE Fanfest technical demonstration called EVE VR.  VRFocus will continue to bring you updates and information about the CCP Games’ continuing developments – including the version for Sony’s Project Morpheus head-mounted display (HMD) – as we get them. Come back soon for more news coming out of Gamescom 2015.