Bubl Completes First Shipment Round

A hugely successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign which ran back in 2013 by Bubl, to create a hand-held 360 degree camera called Bublcam capable of taking spherical photos and video that can then be viewed using virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) has started to come to fruition. Today Bubl  announced it has officially completed its initial round of shipments to backers.


Bublcam a fully spherical consumer camera enables consumers to capture 100 percent of the spherical range in photos and videos, without any blind spots. Bubl provides an end to end solution, so users can capture, view and share all within Bubl’s media ecosystem. The Bublcam can be operated independently with button presses or by remotely connecting with the Bubl Xplor mobile application for iOS or Android. View your media within the mobile application or online using Bubl’s Cloud Service, bubl.io. The Bubl Xplor app also provides users with a stream of curated spherical content to view using touch, gyroscope or in VR mode with an accompanying smartphone VR HMD like the Google Cardboard.

This first shipment amounts to thousands of cameras to Bubl’s Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers, with Sean Ramsay, CEO of Bubl Technology saying: “We are all so happy and enthused to get the Bublcam in the hands of some of our biggest supporters and see the amazing moments they are creating. This is a huge milestone for our company and is just the beginning of bringing spherical technology to everyone.”

VRFocus will continue to follow Bubl’s progress as more consumer units are delivered.