Brewery Using AR on Beer Bottles

VRFocus has reported on a number of occasions where augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been used for interesting advertising promotions, like the recent #EdinburghHacked by an artist promoting his exhibition. Now Belgian brewery, Martens Beer is using AR on its bottles for its next campaign.

Reported by packageprinting.com, Martens Beer conjunction with a popular Belgian television show is utilizing the newest AR and printing technologies available to promote a special flavour beer.


Danny Dresselaerts from the Martens brewery explains: “Bottling beer in PET bottles and printing images of TV show characters directly on the bottle are unique projects as such. And we added augmented reality which enables the characters in the images to talk to the consumer via their smart phones or tablets.” Adding: “We will add extra TV characters along the promotion campaign so the consumers will experience new stories along the line. This combination of marketing and technology is unique and may well change the way we will package food and drinks in the future. We expect the bottles to be a collectors’ item soon, whether empty or full.”

VRFocus will be reporting on other companies using AR for promotional means in the future.