Boston VR Devs Reveal September Hackathon

It’s been said on more than one occasion by industry insiders and the media like VRFocus that one of the main reasons for virtual realities (VR) sudden growth and popularity isn’t down to just large scale events like E3 and Gamescom, but to the smaller independent events that last a day or even just an evening. Where local developers and VR fans can get together to help establish a real core following for the technology. And another such event is happening in September, being organised by Boston VR Devs.


The Boston VR Devs September Hackathon is a monthly all day event held in Boston, Massachusetts, for developing VR. Developers get together, share project updates, give feedback, hash out development issues, and spend the day collaborating on in-progress or brand-new VR projects. Anybody ready to write code, craft environments, explore VR art, hack on hardware, or otherwise build VR, is invited to come. The September Hackathon will be hosted by the ACM chapter at Northeastern University on Sunday, 13th September, and the entrance fee is $6 per person.

The schedule for the event currently consists of:

  • 10:00am: Doors open; drink coffee, say hello
  • 10:30am: Round-the-room introductions and project updates
  • 10:30am: Unstructured hack / collab time
  • 7:30pm: Round-the-room recap and discussion
  • 8:00pm: To the bar

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest announcements regarding small VR dev or demo events and report back.