ARK: Survival Evolved Releases New Creature Update

The last week has seen lots of new updates and news from Studio Wildcard, regarding the developers virtual reality (VR) supporting title ARK: Survival Evolved. From modding competitions to further VR support the team has been keeping busy, and now a new update has arrived.

The update includes two additions to the videogame, the first is a new ape-like creature called Gigantopithecus. This new creature can seem at times to be passive, friendly, and low-key, but when prompted, can be a fierce, dangerous, and unpredictable force. Gigantopithecus has to be tamed carefully, through non-violent feeding without raising its aggression. Those players who are savvy enough can domesticate the hairy ape-like creature, don a helmet on its head, then ride on its shoulders to utilize its tremendous strength to throw them over enemy barricades and walls, adding further strategy to battles.

The second addition in the update is the “SCUBA” gear set, which allows gamers to fully explore the under water depths with enhanced movement and vision, whilst remaining submerged for longer periods of time.

Currently in Steam’s Early Access program ARK: Survival Evolved, includes Oculus Rift support and will be eventually be available for PlayStation 4 with Project Morpheus support. VRFocus will continue to follow the latest announcements from Studio Wildcard as they’re released.