ARK: Survival Evolved Dev Considering Oculus Touch, Vive Controller Support

Virtual reality (VR) developers have been introduced to new toys to play with in the past few months as Valve has revealed its SteamVR system, complete with a pair of position-tracked controllers, while Oculus VR more recently announced its own input solution, Oculus Touch. Though ultimately very different, both kits – along with the PlayStation Move motion controllers on PlayStation 4 – share similar concepts that developers can implement into their experiences for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Project Morpheus. One team interested in doing this is ARK: Survival Evolved creator Studio Wildcard.


Speaking in an interview with VRFocus will be published later this week, studio Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director Jesse Rapczak spoke about the team’s interest in VR controllers, especially those for the HTC Vive. “I did the demos for Vive at Valve and I was very impressed,” Rapczak said. “Having worked on HoloLens for 2 and a half years I know how difficult and how important is, not just in VR but in mixed reality as well. And, of course, the magic of HoloLens is there’s no peripheral and you’re using your hands and it’s determining what you’re doing. And that’s its own challenge. But, when I did the Vive, I was so amazed by the wands and how accurately they tracked and how natural that felt.”

He continued, talking about the lack of tutorial needed to perform almost any action with the HTC Vive’s controllers, and how that differed to the HoloLens experience. “And it was always a lot of manpower behind that and to have an input method that’s very successful like the Vive has where people can intuitively just grab and use is the big challenge of VR and I’m glad that they seem to be on a path to solve it. And we’d be really excited in ARK like using that method to take a bow or throw a spear, stab, melee, things like that seem like they would be really fun as an option for that input method,” Rapczak concluded.

ARK: Survival Evolved could well be one of the titles that pledges support to these new controllers, then. The videogame is aiming for a full launch on PC towards the end of the year, which is around the same time that the HTC Vive itself launches. Will Studio Wildcard be able to implement support by then? VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with any further updates on possible VR support.