Albino Lullaby Planned for PS4, Morpheus and Vive

Earlier this week VRFocus reported that upcoming virtual reality (VR) horror title Albino Lullaby would be releasing on PC on 15th September 2015 with full support for the second development kit (DK2) for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Developer Ape Law has in the past mentioned that it is also ‘dying‘ to develop a version for the Project Morpheus HMD on PlayStation 4. Today, VRFocus can confirm that the studio is indeed planning to work on a port to the console, along with adding support for the HTC Vive HMD on PC.


Ape Law stated as much to VRFocus, though it was quick to point out that it the timing of such ports and updates wasn’t set in stone. It may be, then, that a PlayStation 4 version of Albino Lullaby arrives before Project Morpheus itself, which is set to launch in the first half of 2016. The title can of course be played without a VR HMD. To that end, a port to Microsoft’s Xbox One console is also planned. The developer will also likely be updating the Oculus Rift support one the consumer version of the device launches next year.

Albino Lullaby is described by the developer as a surreal first-person horror title that focuses on unnerving its players through unpredictable events instead of relying on high levels of violence and gore. Simple actions such as pressing a button can have a huge effect on the environment that players are standing in. The title’s story will sees players awaken in a strange facility, exploring it in an attempt to try and piece together how they have arrived there.

VRFocus will continue to follow Albino Lullaby closely, reporting back with the latest updates on the title.