360Heros Unveiling New VR 360 Video Gear at VRLA

360Heros, a company that offers a line of camera rigs that utilise GoPro cameras to shoot footage that is then stitched together to make immersive virtual reality (VR) video for head-mounted displays (HMDs), will be returning to the Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) Summer Expo this Saturday.

For the VRLA exhibit 360Heros will be unveiling its new Pro6 and Pro7 holders. These two new models will serve as the latest versions of 360Heros flagship six and seven camera models as the company’s go-to rigs for 360 video filming. The new holders keep the same quality as the previous products while adding upgrades including: 3/8″ brass inserts for durable mounting, stronger 3D printed material,strengthened holder arms, larger GoPro port access (HDMI and USB ports), unit now compatible with HDMI cabling and the redesign facilitates airflow to prevent cameras from overheating.

360Heros_Pro6 360Heros_Pro7

As well as the re-designs 360Heros will also be exhibiting the rest of its VR filmmaking gear, including the 360Abyss, the company’s underwater camera system. Visitors to the show will also get a VRLA discount, although what that amounts to has yet to be divulged.

VRFocus will be at the VRLA to bring you all the latest news and announcements from the show.