Youvisit Launches New Virtual Reality App

YouVisit, an American website that lets users take virtual tours of college and university campuses has now launched a new free virtual reality (VR) app for iOS and Android devices that has over 1,000 experiences.

The company, which originally started with campus VR tours has now branched out to offer VR experiences including hotels, restaurants, businesses, venues and travel destinations. The app contains YouVisit’s entire catalogue of VR content, with the claimed 1,000+ interactive tours being made up from 50,000 individual scenes, possibly making it the largest library of immersive experiences available on a smartphone.

To use the app users will need a VR head-mounted display (HMD) like the Goggle Cardboard or a third party equivalent, which can be purchased or if you’re feeling crafty made using online instructions. The content is also available on the YouVisit website for those without a HMD as a 360 degree video.


Abi Mandelbaum, YouVisit’s CEO and co-founder says: “We empower businesses and institutions to create and share the most memorable and immersive virtual experiences that both engage and convert their target audience. In today’s mobile-driven world, we found it necessary to put these experiences directly in consumers’ hands in the easiest and most accessible way possible—through a smartphone app,”

Mandelbaum continues: . “As the word gets out about the power of virtual reality, consumers leveraging our new app will have the ability to engage with a vast range of VR content, within a platform that is perceived as familiar and comfortable. This will place both the businesses we work with and their customers miles ahead as the adoption of VR continues to surge.”

VRFocus will continue to report on any further updates from YouVisit regarding the app or future content.