With Virtual Reality Architects Can ‘change the world like a god’

Virtual reality (VR) is enabling creative minds the ability to create all sorts of immersive entertainment, from videogames to movies, but what about creating a factual immersive experience where clients can view an architects vision for their dream home in full VR way before building has commenced. Olivier Demangel thinks that future is here.

Demangel is the Design Director at London based 3D imaging company IVR Nation. He was interviewed by Dezeen, an architecture and design magazine about VR, after he created a VR model of a house called Ty Hedfan, designed by architects Featherstone Young, which featured in the magazine four years ago from photos and plans online.

Talking to Dezeen, Demangel says: “Virtual reality will become an essential tool for architects. This technology is going to be so precise, you’re going to be like a magician. You’ll be able to change the world around you like a god.”

Ty Hedfan Kitchen, the real image on top, the virtual below.

Describing the Ty Hedfan VR model he said: “In the Ty Hedfan demo you can open the doors and turn on the lights. You can instantly change materials for the walls, the floor, the position of lights. Interactivity means you can experiment with a lot of different options — design, materials, lighting, weather — very quickly.”

The walk-through was created using the Unreal Engine 4 and is compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) which the designer says is the best way to view the model. The designer also thinks that VR designs will be used by architects within a few years to show clients using a HMD.

When the designer was asked VR architecture would be more convincing than the real thing he replied: “There is no doubt in my mind about that. I used to say that when VR tech matures, it’s going be more powerful than cocaine.”

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