Will Virtual Reality Appeal to Kids and Teens

Recently Touchstone Research completed a study with kids and teens about virtual reality (VR) through their youth and family consumer research panel. The study, called ‘The New Reality of Virtual Reality and the Potential with Youth’, looked at how the impact of VR and the marketing behind it has impacted kids and teens.

In an online survey of 500 US kids, between the ages of 10-17, drawn from across the country to represent a wide diversity, the research study want to know what they thought of VR currently. The kids were first asked about VR technology and then exposed to the current state of VR through images, videos, and text and then asked their opinions. The results show how kids and teens today are much more technologically aware than previous generations and show a keen interest in VR and its possible uses as the technology progresses. The infographic below summarises the results.

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