“VR has Incredible Potential” States David Attenborough

As VRFocus previously reported, The Natural History Museum and Atlantic Productions have teamed up to produce First Life, a virtual reality (VR) experience that delves into the oceans of the Cambrian era, some 500 million years ago. The piece has been created in conjunction with Samsung using the Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) and Galaxy S6 smartphone.

David Attenborough was chosen as the narrator of the film as his previous 60 years experience within the industry makes him the natural choice for many. Speaking to The Guardian about the launch of the exhibit Attenborough enthused, “VR has incredible potential. It takes you to places you could have never dreamed existed, and you have a vivid feeling of actually being there. It’s an experience you don’t forget – that’s what’s so exciting about it.”

Sir David Attenborough's First Life

If David Attenborough sees the potential in VR then hopefully he may be inclined to make more VR experiences in the future. His previous collaborations with Atlantic Productions certainly suggest that the pair could create some compelling educational VR content.

Anthony Geffen,  founder of Atlantic Productions isn’t stopping with just the Natural History Museum, as six foreign museums have contacted him since First Life started. And Geffen now wants to go further, stating “Now that we’ve learned to use VR for storytelling, we are building experiences to enhance our major new productions.”

VRFocus will be following Atlantic Productions on future VR experiences as they are announced.