Vive VR Game Jam Announced for Canada

Having recently announced the Vive VR Jam in London next month, which VRFocus has already reported on, Valve and HTC are now doing a second Jam in Canada this month as well.  

The Canadian Vive VR Jam will be held in Vancouver on July 18-19th. Little else has been revealed about this particular event, whether it’ll be following the same format as the London event or if something else is planned. The London event is being hosted by Valve itself with the help of Bossa Studios, the UK-based developer behind the likes of Surgeon Simulator and one of the few teams to have had access to the HTC Vive before its developer edition was released. Valve may be teaming up with a similar local developer to help host the event.


Valve maybe gearing up more events as it sends out more development kits to developers over the summer in preparation for the HTC Vive’s full consumer launch towards the end of this year. All eyes will be on Valve and HTC to see how the launch goes as the head-mounted display (HMD) will be the first to launch before the other two main contenders the Oculus Rift and Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus.

VRFocus will be following all the announcements and updates from the Vive VR Game Jam in London and Canada.