VirWind launches Kickstarter Campaign

For those that have tried the newest virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD), the recurring opinion is how immersive the experience was. Studios are dedicating countless hours to ensure players feel like they are in these virtual worlds, but fooling the mind is one thing fooling the body is another. Now a Kickstarter campaign by VirWind has been launched to address this by creating airflow around players.

The premise of VirWind is simple, to create a device that generates airflow around the user to simulate weather, explosions, falling, taking off or any situation that creates air fluctuations based on the videogame or movie that the user is currently experiencing.


The VirWind prototype currently consists of four 1.8 meter towers, each with four fans built in, that are placed around the user to generate the airflow. The VirWind is being designed to work with VR and non-VR systems, although part of the funding will spent how to synchronise to various devices.

VirWind has been created by CEO Denis Lipanov and CFO Sergey Tkachenko along with a team software developers and designers from Stockholm, Saint Petersburg, and Florence.

VRFocus will continue to report any further updates on VirWind as the campaign continues.