Virtual Reality Shunter Trainer Teaser Trailer Released

Pennant International Group PLC has just released a short teaser trailer for a Virtual Reality Shunter Trainer.

The trailer gives a quick overview of a train goods yard with rows of cargo ready to be moved. The Virtual Reality Shunter Trainer has been developed as a spin-off from a computer-based training project undertaken for the UK’s Rail Safety & Standards Board. It can replicate different weather and lighting conditions, so shunters can experience working at night or in thick fog. Further details are currently vague as to which head-mounted displays (HMD) will be running the software and if there will be a widely available consumer version.

Pennant is also developing a ‘virtual cab’ for a US rolling stock supplier, based on systems used in the aviation sector. This will enable maintenance staff to be trained on a simulated vehicle, reducing the need for real vehicles to be taken out of service.

The company offer services that cover training services, documentation and media development and supportability software. With a worldwide customer base, with principal markets in rail transportation, defence, aerospace, government, oil & gas, petro-chemical, power, retail, consumer goods, information technology and telecommunications industries.

VRFocus will be following any further updates to Virtual Reality Shunter Trainer in the future.