Virtual Reality May Be Coming to Burning Man

This summer for one week, VR Camp wants to bring virtual reality (VR) to Nevada’s Black Rock desert for the iconic Burning Man Festival, for visitors who may not know about or have yet to encounter VR technology first hand. VR Camp plans to raise a portion of the funds from a Kickstarter campaign currently running.

This will be the first-ever VR Camp at Burning Man and the organiser Shannon Norrell, who describes himself as a VR enthusiast, wants to show people how ‘cool’ the technology is. Norrell is a Burning Man veteran having worked on several large projects for the festival over the years, including The Trojan Horse and the Alien Siege Machine.


VR Camp plan consists of a large screen (30′ x 20′) for cinematic display of a variety of VR experiences including motion-capture suits tied to a giant Godzilla and a Mechanoid who dance together along with the crowd. Each night will have a different feature up on the big screen. On each side of the screen are two large “expo tents” (40′ x 20′) each containing eight demo stations running the latest VR hardware and software.

The campaign aims to raise $10,000 USD to fund the project, with the current total at the time of writing being $1,529 USD with 17 days left to go. Burning Man started in 1986 by friends Larry Harvey and Jerry James building a human effigy and burning it on a San Francisco beach. Now it has grown into a week long festival in the desert attended by up to 70,000 people. The year the event runs from 30th August – 7th September.

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of VR Camp’s Kickstarter campaign over the coming weeks.