Virtual Reality Being Used by Museums to Preserve the Past.

Virtual reality (VR) is emerging in various industries for its ability to really immerse viewers in an experience that can help teach and educate. Museums are now starting to adopt the technology to help create ‘virtual museums’ for visitors to enjoy.

In a recent article by The Conversation.com, there are a number of projects that are looking to see how culturally or historically significant sites can be shown in the digital realm.

While institutes like the Smithsonian, Louvre and the V&A Museum of Childhood all have virtual tours, can VR in the long term give the public access to sites and experiences that many won’t have be able to visit for economic, geographic or political reasons.


With head-mounted displays (HMD) garnering a lot of news coverage and public interest over recent years, and the consumer launch of these products towards the end of this year going into 2016, these cultural institutions are well placed to offer educational experiences that won’t be available anywhere else.

VR technology could help preserve sites in war-torn countries which are now too dangerous for tourists to go to and are under the threat of destruction, enabling future generations to study and learn from.

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