Verizon Opens Flagship West Coast Store with VR Exhibit

This week saw the opening of Verizon Wireless’ Flagship West Coast store in Santa Monica, California. The new store is hoping to redefine the wireless shopping experience with the company’s 5th store and the first for the West Coast.

The ‘Destination’ store brings the company’s supersized, hands-on lifestyle shopping approach to Santa Monica for visitors to explore fun, interactive ‘lifestyle zones,’ ranging from fitness to music to sports and the home, trying out the latest personal and business wireless solutions.

Image Credit: VR Scout

One of the main attractions within the new store is the NFL Virtual Reality Experience, exclusive to that particular location, where visitors enter a virtual reality (VR) simulator. Using a Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) a football helmet lowers over your head and experience what it’s like to run back a kickoff in the NFL, including the effect of getting “tackled” as the floor underneath you rumbles.

Luis Cruz, Verizon Southern California President states, “From the innovative use of technology to create memorable, hands-on experiences, to the aesthetically pleasing design choices and artwork, our Santa Monica flagship store offers an engaging experience that’s sure to remind locals of the unique character of the community we share.”

The Santa Monica Destination store covers almost 8000 sq ft of space, making it the largest of the company’s stores. Verizon’s other store locations are in Bloomington, Minnesota, Chicago, Boston and Houston.

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