Turbo Button Talks SMS Racing, Multiplayer and Safety Issues

Virtual reality (VR) is first and foremost concerned with immersing players and making them believe that they have stepped into entirely new environments. But the head-tracking technology and other features in head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as the Gear VR present some unique opportunities for new gameplay mechanics. Indie developer Turbo Button is one of the studios that’s capitalising on this with its upcoming VR racing title, SMS Racing.

SMS Racing isn’t simply about finishing first. Instead, players must also reply to text messages from friends as they drive, making sure to avoid collisions while glancing at their smartphones. It’s no easy task, making this a frantic experience. VRFocus recently got to talk with Turbo Button co-founder Nic Vasconcellos about the experience. In the interview below, the developer chats about possible new features for the full title as well as safety concerns when it comes to texting and driving in a videogame.

VRFocus will continue to follow SMS Racing closely, reporting back with the latest updates on the project.