Trailer for Oculus VR Movie Henry Inbound Today

Oculus VR has placed a large emphasis on the videogame side of its virtual reality (VR) business so far in the build up to the launch of the consumer Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) next year. Today sees the company shift focus to its movie efforts, though. Specifically, the company is set to talk about its second project spinning out of the newly-formed, film-focused Oculus Story Studio named Henry. A premiere event for the movie is taking place right now and, once it’s finished, fans can expect to see the first trailer for the piece.

Henry Oculus Story Studio screenshot

LA Times confirmed as much in a recent feature on the upcoming movie. The premiere event is currently taking place in Beverly Hills and will allow the invited guests to get a taste of the movie on consumer versions of the HMD. According to the site, a trailer for Henry will launch online after the event’s conclusion. It’s not clear how this trailer might be delivered, be it through traditional means or via a download so that those with an Oculus Rift development kit or Crescent Bay prototype might be able to view it in VR. It’s also possible that it could take the form of a 360 Youtube video – in which case it could be viewed with Google Cardboard and an Android smartphone – or on Oculus VR’s own mobile HMD, Gear VR.

Henry is an animated feature directed by former Pixar animator, Ramiro Lopez Dau. The film follows a young hedgehog that longs for companionship and is set inside his house. Using the Oculus Rift’s head-tracking technology viewers are able to follow Henry himself as he walks from room to room. The piece is set to come with the Oculus Rift itself when it arrives in Q1 2016. It’s not all the HMD will be packaged with; Oculus VR is also including an Xbox One controller with every unit of the kit.

VRFocus is at the premiere event and will be reporting back with impressions, interviews and more.