The Virtual Reality Company Signs Up Steven Spielberg as Advisor

For any new technology that relies on content from first-party or third-party support to make it commercially viable, having too much is never an option. Companies like HTC, Oculus VR or Sony Computer Entertainment will rely on this support to make their new devices enticing to the mass market. The Virtual Reality Company is one such company that is looking at the potential of virtual reality (VR) by bringing some of the film industry’s major players onboard to achieve success. One new sign up, as confirmed by UploadVR, is the famous film maker Steven Spielberg.

The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) is already made up of some famous Hollywood players, led by Chris Edwards, director Robert Stromberg, producer Joel Newton, and executive Guy Primus, the addition of Spielberg to the company’s advisory board only cements its interest in creating VR experiences.


Stromberg writes on the VRC website: “The potential of virtual reality is truly limitless. The Technology keeps shocking me, We launched the VR company to bring together the world’s greatest storytellers and artists to create amazing experiences for VR. I see several incredible concert halls being built, so we’re writing new symphonies.”

Expectations are going to be running high in the run up to the launch of the first head-mounted displays (HMD) towards the end of this year and going into 2016. With company’s like the VRC keen to produce brand new experiences for the HMD’s, 2016 won’t come soon enough.

VRFocus will be following the latest announcements from The Virtual Reality Company as they’re released.