Sci-Fi Racing Title Terminal Descent Hits Greenlight

Virtual reality (VR) technology has already seen plenty of racing sci-fi videogames such as Radial-G. These experiences look to bring audiences closer to the visceral levels of speed first seen in the likes of the F-Zero and WipeOut series. Recently another such titled has revealed itself through a new Steam Greenlight campaign. That title is Terminal Descent from indie developer Four Lights, which is looking to raise enough positive votes in order to be sold on Steam itself come the full launch later down the line.

Terminal Descent is a first-person racing experience in which players speed down tube-like courses, making sure to dodge mines as they good. The title requires timing skills, even allowing players to phase through solid walls and collect blueprints for upgrades to their vehicle such as new engines and paint jobs. Over 20 levels feature in the full title, which are set to be spread across 5 separate cups. A brief video showcasing the videogame in action can be seen below, also revealing a garage section which is controlled on-foot.

Full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) is planned for Terminal Descent. The developer hopes to release the title in summer 2015. It’s not yet clear if it might also arrive on other platforms such as the HTC Vive later down the line.

VRFocus will continue to follow Terminal Descent, reporting back with the latest updates on the title.