SamuraiVR Unveil Sting Virtua HMD

With so many head-mounted displays (HMD) due to arrive on shop shelves within the next 12 months, choosing between them all is going to be difficult. Now a new start-up from Australia called SamuraiVR wants to take on the corporate giants with the Sting Virtua HMD.

SamuraiVR is one of Australia’s first virtual reality (VR) start ups. With the Sting Virtua, SamuraiVR wants to give the user the “ultimate immersive gaming experience.” The company goes on to explain, “What we mean by the ultimate gaming experience is been able to play any modern PC game in immersion mode, been able to custom create & play your own game designed for VR, engage in multi-player gaming with your friends and share your gaming experiences with a world first VR gaming community platform.”


Features include, a ‘select playing mode’ to choose between mouse, joystick,3DOF, 6DOF and 9DOF head-tracking movements. Built-in microphone for voice chat and voice activated commands. Adjustable game display, giving the user the ability to change the brightness, contrast and tilt from the HMD during gameplay rather than pausing the game and going through PC settings.

The Sting Virtua HMD has already been shown to delegates at the Above All Human conference, an expo for start-ups and entrepreneurs to get together and showcase their latest technology and ideas.

VRFocus will be reporting on any further news from SamuraiVR and the Sting Virtua HMD.