Reverence Greenlit on Steam

Reverence a first and third person combat experience by indie developer Mantis Studios, that provides total control and autonomy over movement has now been Greenlit by the Steam community.

In Reverence, the title utilises what the developer calls the Muscle Memory System, allowing players to set up their own ‘assumptions’ about how a character should move and fight.


“With Muscle Memory,” the developer explains, “we can use 2 axises (up, down ,left, right) of input (i.e. mouse or gamepad) to control the movement of the shoulder. Based on the position of the shoulder, our finer arm movements (wrist rotation, forearm rotation, etc) will automatically adjust according to what we setup in Muscle Memory. However, we always have the ability to override any of these movement assumptions in real time.”

Reverence has been designed to work with a normal mouse or gamepad, but due to the design the game is ideally suited to virtual reality (VR) and already works with Oculus Rift, Leap Motion wireless hand-tracking and smartphone control.

Mantis Studios also have a Kickstarter campaign running which is almost at 50% of its funding total of $5000 USD with 13 days left to go.

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Reverence through its Kickstarter campaign.