Reload Studios has Raised $2.5 million in Funding so Far

At one of yesterdays SoCal conference panels in San Diego, California, Reload Studios, the developer behind the Project Morpheus title World War Toons revealed that the company has raised $2.5 million so far, not including the original seed money and it has a second round of funding closing soon.

Reload Studios CEO and co-founder James Chung was at the event to answer  questions on virtual reality (VR) and how the studio, which celebrates its first anniversary this month, sees its future. Chung states that he was ‘fortunate’ to meet Rothenburg Ventures, a known investor in VR technology and software and that due to the investment, Reload Studios aren’t just a game developer, “We’re not just here to make content, we’re here to provide tech,” he says.


World War Toons which is the only title that the studio has officially announced is a cartoon-esque first-person shooter (FPS) that, as the name suggests, allows players to take part in World War 2-era combat in a competitive VR multiplayer. Chung has described the reasons for the design choices, saying “One of the reasons we went for a cartoony world is that we want to bend all of the rules.” The studio is also aiming for 90 frames per second with World War Toons.

VRFocus will continue to follow Reload Studios and its progress with World War Toons.