Project Morpheus Panel Listed for Comic Con

In addition to the revelation that Project Morpheus is playable to the public at Sand Diego Comic Con (SDCC), an event which begins today at 9am PST, virtual reality (VR) will be featured in a special panel entitled ‘Virtual Reality, Project Morpheus, and the Future of Gaming’.

This session will stand out from the crowd as a dedicated VR panel, as while there are undoubtedly many which will feature the technology at present it remains the only panel on the SDCC line-up dedicated to VR. The panel will include Dr. Richard Marks, Director of PlayStation Magic Lab, Sony Computer Entertainment, Ben Throop of Frame Interactive and John Drake, Director of Portfolio Strategy, Sony Computer Entertainment, and will be moderated by Geoff Keighley.

Headmaster art

The panel will take place off-site at The New Children’s Museum, San Diego, at 12pm PST on 10th July 2015. Tickets to the panel cost $22.00 USD and can be purchased here. VRFocus is currently at SDCC and will keep you updated with all the latest VR news from the show floor.