Playroom VR Will Be Available At Project Morpheus’ Launch

While the world awaits the launch of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Project Morpheus head-mounted display (HMD) next year, more details emerge of titles that will be available on the HMD;s release. VRFocus has previously reported that MixedBag Games Futuridium will be a launch title, and now Playroom VR has also been confirmed.

Digital Spy spoke with European producer for Worldwide Studios Olivier Banal about Project Morpheus and Playroom VR: “It will be ready on day one, at launch, and it will be like how the Playroom was to the Camera – this will be the family friendly and social introduction to VR,” Banal said.

The Playroom VR

Banal describes why Playroom VR will help aclimatise users to the HMD: “It’s a general way to introduce into it with very simple controls, very simple concepts, something that anyone can jump in and play it. [It’s] also showcasing something that, at the moment, we’re the only one doing – this dual, separate screen feature that allows traditional and VR players to join in the same experience.”

Playroom VR is being developed in-house by one of SCE’s Worldwide Studios and Banal said the final product is “aiming for at least half a dozen” videogames for consumers to play on.
No details have yet been announced of the actual launch date for Project Morpheus or the pricing, and the same goes for Playroom VR. Will it be bundled with the HMD or just a standalone title.

VRFocus will be reporting on any further announcements from SCE regarding Project Morpheus and Playroom VR.