OSVR Hacker Dev Kit Finally Goes on Sale

All the way back in January 2015 Razer joined forces with a number of other tech companies to announce Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a unique ecosystem that has dedicated itself to making VR development accessible. The system essentially allows developers access to a range of hardware and software that enables them to easily integrate a wide range of VR peripherals and develop for the range of head-mounted displays (HMDs). The group also planned to launch its own HMD in the form of the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit. That dev kit is finally now available.


The official OSVR website is currently offering 3 versions of the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit. The original 1.0 device, as first seen at the January reveal, is available for $199.99 USD and offers a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080p display, Dual-Lenses Optics for a 100 degree field of view (FOV), a belt box to prevent cable tangling and a foam later facemask. The 1.1 version is also priced a $199.99 but includes an OLED, full HD display with a pixel density of 401 PPI. The facemask is also improved with bamboo charcoal microfiber.

The final version, 1.2, is similar to the previous iteration but crucially includes an IR Faceplate that provides positional tracking, including an IR Camera. This set costs $299.99.

For those that don’t choose the newest version, an IR Upgrade Kit can be purchased for $129.99, while the OLED display and improved facemask are also on sale for $149.99 and $19.99 respectively. Previously announced additions such as the Leap Motion faceplate, adding in hand-tracking technology, are listed but not yet available to purchase.

Expect plenty more additions to the HMD to be announced in the coming weeks and months as OSVR continues to partner with a wide range of technology companies. VRFocus will continue to follow the group’s progress closely, reporting back with any further updates on their progress.