OnePlus Adds Improvements to Google Cardboard with its Own Version

Google’s Cardboard mobile virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) concept has quickly grown in popularity over the past year. First seen as a novel approach to low-cost, low-end VR, the kit has quickly been taken on board as a unique way to play VR videogames and even market products. Other companies have even created their own versions of the DIY kit, which have been officially recognised by Google itself. One such company is OnePlus, a smartphone manufacturer which has revealed its own set designed especially to surpass Google’s recently updated official version.

New Google Cardboard

The OnePlus Cardboard takes on the improvements made in Google Cardboard 2.0, which includes support for bigger smartphones. On top of this it also uses a ‘stronger, thicker’ cardboard for a more durable HMD. The company claims to have fine-tuned the kit’s optics to make a device that’s 20% smaller than the original, although still compatible with most smartphones that are up to 6-inches in size. Finally, the kit has been coated in a ‘special film’ to repel dirt and oils and allow it to stay clean.

“This is not a product; it’s an initiative. We aren’t making any money by offering OnePlus Cardboard. In fact, we are losing money with each one,” the company notes on an official website. “There will come a day in which we will be able to travel the world and experience amazing things without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. OnePlus Cardboard exists to drive this idea forward.” Indeed, the device can be picked up from this website for the cost of shipping it alone.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates surrounding Google Cardboard.